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N.A.A.S.D.A is on Clubhouse!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021



And we invite you to join us!

Below is your EXCLUSIVE INVITE to the Clubhouse app, you’ll have instant access to the NAASDA CLUB and all the ongoing conversations that we and others are having. _________________________________________________

HOW CLUBHOUSE WORKS: Clubhouse is engaging, informative, and a fun way to learn, teach and connect. To begin, set up your personal profile. When you select a room, you’ll start to hear the chat. If you want to jump in, raise your hand for the speaker to invite you up onto the “panel” to join the discussion.

Otherwise, you can hang back and soak in what everyone is saying. And, unlike social media that relies on text or video, you can listen while driving, cleaning, or completing whatever other tasks are on your to-do list. COME ON #TEAMNATE! LET CHOP IT UP ON CLUBHOUSE!


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